Annual Holiday Stall Door Decorating Fundraiser!

Announcing LaDawn Therapeutic Riding Center’s

  Annual Holiday Stall Door Decorating Fundraiser!

PRIZE: $75


Payable to LaDawn Therapeutic

Greetings from the farm where we can blow more fuses at Holiday Time than Ace Hardware can keep up with!
These are your resident Holiday gals reporting in for LaDawn Elf duty!

Decorate Stall Door
This contest will be judged on the stall door. Only the lower part of the door can be decorated if there are bars or the entire door without bars. Decorate your door in the Holiday spirit as you want and have it done by Friday, December 2nd by 6:30 p.m.

Decorating Hints:

Sometimes less is more. If you don’t have a lot of Holiday decorations to use, not to worry! Its not how much stuff you put all over your stall door, it’s how well you use your decorations and place them. Just because a stall door, or horse, is loaded with gobs and gobs of decorations, does not guarantee a win. We are not judging on who has the most stuff. If you can’t get an idea of what to do or where to start look at some Holiday cards for inspiration. You might want to use a theme for example, I’m a plaid maniac and I decorate the inside of my house with a lot of Holiday plaid accents. Theme ideas could be Elves or Stars or North Pole or Nativity etc., but remember anything goes. Use your decorations wisely, make it pretty and fun!


Remember that just about every Holiday decoration out there is dangerous and poisonous (especially tinsel) so if you plan on leaving any decorations up, make very sure it is way out of the reach of your animals.


  1. Decorate the wooden part of the stall door.
  2. Battery operated Decorations are acceptable, but nothing that plugs into the electrical outlets due to fire hazard.
  3. Staple guns or duct tape are acceptable.  Tacks, nails, screws, glue, etc are not allowed.

Your last day to enter will be December 2nd. Winner will be announced on December 10th at noon!

Ok everyone, put your thinking caps on and get decorating.
Have fun with your stalls!