Tuition Options

Tuition Funding Options

Use your flexible spending account. With a written prescription from your doctor, hippotherapy or therapeutic horseback riding may be considered an out-of-pocket medical expense. If you have and use a flexible medical spending account, you will enjoy the benefits of saving’s account using pre-taxed dollars. We will provide you with documentation that includes the date’s of service and payment made.

Service organizations such as the local Lions Club and Knights of Columbus or disability organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association may be willing to help you fund hippotherapy or therapeutic horseback riding.

Maine Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Grants for up to $250 per year may be given for therapeutic horseback riding or hippotherapy. You can download an application for this program by going to the Maine Chapter’s website or can receive one by calling 1-800-FIGHTMS

If you can establish that hippotherapy can help your child’s education in PET process your school district may be a funding source.

The Robbie Foundation has been helping families with children who have developmental disabilities by funding adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and therapy not covered by insurance. Visit their website to apply,

LaDawn often has scholarship funds received from grants. Please contact the program for availability.