Zippy – Doing my Own Thing

Details about Zippy

  • BARN NAME: Zippy
  • REGISTERED NAME: Doing My Own Thing
  • AGE: Born May 3, 1998 in Iowa
  • COLOR: Grey, but now appears mostly white due to the aging process
  • HEIGHT: 15.1 Hands
  • WEIGHT: 950 LBS

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Zippy loves to work and appreciates doing things.  He is not bothered by unusual sounds, sights or even smells which makes him very reliable and predictable during riding sessions.  He loves kids and will go very slow for them, but will pick up the pace for a more advanced rider.  No disability bothers him and anyone from the age of 15 months to 100 y/o have had the chance to get on him in this riding program.  He goes to the horse shows with the riders of LaDawn and will win his classes, he will work all day for our fundraising events, or just be happy to stand in his stall and chill. 

Zippy was 6 when he came to the farm and within months was participating in our therapy sessions.  This is unheard of because it often takes years to train a therapy horse for their job.  He is now 25 y/o and he has been in service to our program 19 years.  He is the backbone of our program and everyone usually starts riding on him before they graduate to another animal.

Sponsor Zippy

Taking care of these amazing animals is a privilege and a pleasure, but the expenses do add up. If you’d like to sponsor Zippy click the link below to contribute to his costs.

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