Zippy – Doing my Own Thing

Details about Zippy

  • BARN NAME: Dan
  • REGISTERED NAME: Moondance In Black
  • AGE: Born March 20, 2001
  • COLOR: Black
  • HEIGHT: 15.2 Hands
  • WEIGHT: 1000 LBS


Dan is a very gentle and friendly horse, and always takes good care of his riders, big and small. He loves to hang out with Pete and is partial to carrot snacks. Finally, he doesn’t feel like going fast and refuses to move any faster than he has to, which is why he gets along so great with Pete!

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Sponsor Zippy

Taking care of these amazing animals is a privilege and a pleasure, but the expenses do add up. If you’d like to sponsor Zippy click the link below to contribute to his costs.

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Medical Care