August’s Volunteer of the month

Here is the answers to why Jennie Poisson is our August’s Volunteer of the month. Please take a moment to read how dedicated she is and why Jennie is one of our most valued volunteer’s!
When did you start: I started volunteering either six or seven years ago when I was 9 or 10 but I first started riding at Ladawn when I was around 4
What did you have for knowledge before coming here? How have you grown since coming. I knew next to nothing about both horses and therapeutic riding. I have learned to work hard which in turn helped me improve all other aspect of my life. I learned how to deal with different situations and work with different types of people. I have learned to not give up and not to complain.
Something memorable/inspirational: There are so many memorable things that have happened to me at the barn from things like seeing a new student being really scared then having an inspirational moment and ending up loving to ride, to doing really fun new thing that without ladawn I would never have been able to do. Every moment at ladawn is something I cherish and nearly everyday I come I am inspired in some way.
Favorite therapy horse. Why? My favorite therapy horse is Lucus because he’s just a big baby. I have been riding him for around 3 years and I feel like we have really bonded and become close.
Why do you come/what makes you come back every week? What do you enjoy the most/favorite activity while here? I come back every week because I feel like I’m doing a good thing. Helping isn’t about me it’s about helping the horses, the students and everyone else, and even though it’s not about me I still end up having a lot of fun. I don’t really have a favorite activity, anything to do with the horses is pretty awesome, whether it’s cleaning stalls or helping with a lesson no matter what I find a way to enjoy it.
Favorite season of the barn? Beginning of summer right after school ends because people come to help, I get to come more and it’s really a bit more relaxed than during winter.