Volunteer of the Month!!!

Dot Goulet became a volunteer in April of 2011. Here dediaction and appreciation goes far beyond our expectations. Please read her answers to why we chose Dot as our Volunteer of the month!

1)  What did you have for knowledge before coming here?  How have you grown since coming?

I was raised on a dairy farm and also had horses.  I have learn to appreciate the good that is being done for these special people. It is wonderful to see the special needs riders and how they love the horses.  Their smiles and laughter knowing they have done something big.

Taking care of therapeutic horses is very different. You have to be careful not to excite them.  I have learn to groom them carefully as not to cause sores, and other special care.  I have grown to love every part of the process even keeping the stable clean.

2)  Something memorable/inspirational:

Some memorable occasions is the  get together Donna and Crystal have which includes little children riding these big horses. Awards won at horse shows. I don’t often go but hearing about them is wonderful.

3)  Favorite therapy horse.  Why?

Dan the princcccccce.  The first time I saw this black horse it was love at first sight.

4)  Why do you come/what makes you come back every week?  What do you enjoy the most/favorite activity while here?

I Iove it at LaDawn.  To me it is peaceful.  Having to help feed , taking horses to their different places everyday, cleaning stalls, giving them treats.  Anything they want me to do.  When I leave LaDawn I feel I have accomplished something good and I feel happy.

5)  Favorite season of the barn? (EX: winter because of the Christmas deco, summer because of haying…)

I enjoy the decorations the owners and volunteers do different holidays.  They decorate each stall according to the holiday.  I enjoy spring, summer, fall, a little of winter. Especially summer.