Volunteer of the Month!

Sharron Paquereau became a volunteer 5 years ago. Here dedication and appreciation goes far beyond our expectations. Please read her answers to why we chose Sharron as our Volunteer of the month!

1)  What did you have for knowledge before coming here?  How have you grown since coming?

I had done a bit of riding in my youth and have always adored horses. My experience with LaDawn started about 11 years ago when our daughter, Jayna, began riding.

Being at LaDawn has given me a better understanding of how simple actions and graceful patience can have a huge impact on complex situations.

2)  Something memorable/inspirational:

Watching my daughter advance from needing side walkers to being a completely independent rider has been an amazing experience.  Each time that I remember the first time she rode with no assistance, I am filled with joy, amazement and pride! I will always be grateful for our time at LaDawn.

3)  Favorite therapy horse.  Why?

Abby is my favorite therapy horse because she is, all at once, gentle and kind and sassy! that being said, Izzy is my all over favorite!

4)  Why do you come/what makes you come back every week?  What do you enjoy the most/favorite activity while here?

I come to LaDawn partly to share in something that is greatly important to my daughter and partly because I believe in the programs at LaDawn and the benefits they offer their clients. Participation (even in a small way) in any person healing or advancement is both important and joyous to me, being involved in such things brings me to LaDawn on a regular basis.

My favorite activity at the barn is listening to and watching clients, friends, and volunteers share stories. Listening how they support each other and enjoying one another as family.

5)  Favorite season of the barn? (EX: winter because of the Christmas deco, summer because of haying…)

My favorite seasons at LaDawn are the ones that involve spending time with Donna Lariviere!